About Us

Long Story Short: University student, writer, chicken keeper, beekeeper, backyard farmer. And lots of crazy adventures and sharp learning curves thrown in every once in a while.

One girl’s childhood dream made real. It’s funny how life works out, isn’t it?

I had always said to my parents growing up that one day, I would have a “chicken army”. I’m sure countless times they laughed at my – almost obsessive – need to have chickens. I thought they were wonderful and happy little ladies, but if I needed them to peck at a bully or disliked person they would have that covered too. I grew up, and though I soon learned that chickens were not going to be in my foreseeable future, somewhere in the back of my mind that little dream slept.

Years later, I had come across beekeeping by way of a school project made to allow us to really delve into something that interested us. I loved bees and so logically I wondered if this might be something worth exploring a bit further. Just a note of warning – the rabbit hole runs very deep. Soon I was headfirst diving into the world of bees and apiculture – I even found my very own beekeeping mentor to help ease me into the hobby. I helped her with her three hives and soon was gifted my very own bee suit and we went and purchased all the equipment and tools I would need for my own hives. I painted up the boxes and named my first hive Shirley, after my grandmother who had passed away a few years before, but knew of my love of these little creatures.

When I had tended to my bees for a few years, I decided to revive my dream for a chicken army, and after an enormous amount of convincing, baby chicks were being bought and settled in their new home. I was ecstatic, as I am sure you can imagine anyone with a long-lost dream of having chickens to be.

Now I am working on exploring farm life on a very reduced scale, with only my own backyard at my disposal, creative do-it-yourself projects are a must. My hens are a bunch of happy, though slightly bossy, ladies and I am currently taking a break from beekeeping as they didn’t make it though our very rough last winter. I have all sorts of projects planned and even more outrageous ideas bouncing around in my head.

Here we go, folks! Are you ready for it?

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