Why I Write & The Power of Words

Okay. So I know what you might be thinking – girl, you said this website was dedicated to your love of small-scale farming and learning new things, this writing business does not fall into that category. What’s up?

I will admit, although this blog about self-reliance and independence is a way to share my passion for all things grassroots with the world, my first love was writing. And boy, did I fall head first down that rabbit hole at an early age. And I know you might then say – wait, so you are only 19 and now you think you know what’s what about the writing world, are you sure?

Not exactly. I am only 19, so I have a bunch more to learn, experience and ponder about writing and all that entails, but I have fallen in love with it regardless. I am enamored with the freedom it gives, the way it makes me feel like I have the world at my fingertips by simply typing or scribbling a few letters, arranged into words, on my computer or a scrap piece of paper. I love the way words teach you new lessons and make you feel emotions so rich and poignant that you ache or laugh or cry. A gentle kind of wisdom, I find, is transferred though writing. You can choose to interpret the work however you want, whatever speaks to you, which may not be the same thing that someone else may gather from the exact same piece.

For example, I am huge into poetry. Slam and spoken word poetry are my favourite to listen to and to share with others, but all poetry is beautiful in its own way. Here is a short little poem I wrote in 2014 called Flames.

Ink seeps into frozen wounds.
Like the most ancient of literature,
melting into something unsubstantial.
Dust from Alexandria drips from your fingers
and I feel like I’ve lost you too.

Some may be confused as to the meaning of the words, of how they seem so abstract and do not connect. Others may see something even I myself hadn’t imagined.

For me, this poem requires a bit of knowledge about historical events and ancient history. There was a wonderful library in the city of Alexandria thousands of years ago that held immense knowledge on a huge variety of topics. Unfortunately, the library caught fire and many, if not all, of the documents were lost. It was a huge loss for scholars and even now, scholars wish they were able to recover some of these documents to learn about the culture, lifestyle, knowledge, and technology these ancient people practiced or had access to. Okay, historical rant over, but you get the idea.

This poem then takes aspects of that history and the loss the fire caused and twirls them together with emotions of longing, loss, and disappointment. As you can see, there are a numerous amount of ways you can interpret any given poem so take from this what you will. The idea is that even a poem that can be about something that has never happened to you, can be incredibly moving and powerful, and you feel connected in some way.

Words are powerful, and I may be so bold as to say that words are power in many different ways. Communication is a basic human need, and choosing the right words can make the same intended phrase into completely different ones.

Words have given me a safe and private outlet to express the things that plague my mind at any given time. They make the ugly and painful things beautiful. I don’t know of anything else in the world that can do that.

Writing is my first love, yes, and I cannot wait to see where it takes me in the future.

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